Mission Statement
Love the Children, Teach God's Wonders,
and Discover the Love of Learning.


Program Philosophy

St. Paul Lutheran Church is dedicated to “Knowing Jesus, Telling about Jesus, and Loving as Jesus
Loves”. Reflecting that mission, St. Paul Lutheran Preschool seeks to instill within each child an
assurance that he/she is a lovable and capable child of God. This is accomplished through a loving
and caring Christian environment, which invites independent and group learning through exploration, interactive play and developmentally appropriate practices.

Learning experiences

Throughout the school year we provided many learning experiences including:

  • Student Pictures
  • Vision, Dental and Hearing Screenings
  • Family Events including Fall Festival, Christmas Program and Family Fun Night
  • KinderNature Program through Pottawattamie County
  • Community Service Projects


Students attending preschool begin a lifetime of learning. St. Paul Lutheran Preschool
recognizes that a loving and stimulating environment contributes to how each student will
respond to his/her lifetime of learning. Therefore, it is the desire of St. Paul Lutheran
Preschool to enhance students development and learning spiritually, emotionally, socially,
intellectually, and physically.

Goals of the Program

The goals and learning activities will focus on the following areas of development:

  • Faith Development- Through Bible stories, students learn how God generously cares for them, how Jesus is our Savior and how we are to love one another. During daily prayer and songs, the students will praise and revere God.
  • Discovery of God's World- Students participate in local/walking field trips, discussions, scientific exploration, and personal observations to help them become more aware of God's presence in their world. This discovery process also fuels the joy of learning and promotes the development of learning skills.
  • Kindergarten Readiness- Staff members work with students to develop visual, verbal and listening skills. Students will be introduced to letters, numbers, shapes, colors, and other concepts appropriate for kindergarten preparation.
  • Social Development- Students are taught to respond to others with Christ-like behavior, to accept directions from adults, and to share with others. Staff and volunteers also will work with students to help them develop a healthy self-image and understand that they are made in the likeness of Christ.
  • Creative Experiences- Staff members will help foster students' God-given creativity and imagination through drawing, singing, drama, rhythm activities, and a variety of experiences with sand, water, play dough, blocks, paint, and other creative types of medium.
  • Physical Development- Students will participate in group play, outdoor play, and small and large motor skill activities. They will learn to value the bodies that God gave them and how to keep them healthy and safe.

Curriculum areas that will be incorporated into the daily routine will include content areas of
language arts, math, social studies, music, movement, science, art, and field trips. The
curriculum will not only center on the goals of the program but also will center on the students'
interest, daily experiences and developmental needs.

Non-Discriminatory/Special Needs Policy

St. Paul Lutheran Preschool will prove to be a valuable asset to the needs of our members as well as
to the community. St. Paul Lutheran believes in Christ’s great commission by reaching out to all
people to bring them to faith in Christ. Therefore, St. Paul Lutheran Preschool will welcome all into
the community of faith and will reach out in hospitality and service to assist and embrace any race,
color, national/ethnic origin and religious affiliation. While our program is not currently fully accessible for physical disabilities, our staff will make every effort to make reasonable accommodations for various disabilities upon formal request to the Director. St. Paul Lutheran Preschool will be a safe and clean environment displaying respect for all people.

School Closings

St. Paul Lutheran Preschool will follow the decision of the Treynor School. In the event of bad
weather, school closings will be announced on radio stations KMA (960 am), KFAB (1110 am) as well as the websites of these television stations: KMTV3, KETV7 and WOWT6.

For weather-related late starts by the Treynor School, morning Preschool will not be conducted.
However, the afternoon Preschool will be in session at its regular time. Extended Preschool will open
upon the start of the Treynor School day. Lunches must be ordered at that time. (i.e., If Treynor
begins at 10:30; Extended Preschool will also start at that time. If a child is to have a lunch at
Extended Preschool, staff must be notified by the 10:30 start time.) If the student does not attend
Extended Preschool on late start days and is contracted for that day, the charges will still apply as
indicated on the contracted agreement.

The public schools have many early-outs, late-starts, and no school due to Professional
Development/Teacher In-service days. St. Paul Lutheran Preschool and Extended Preschool will be
in session on those days.